Useful informations

Aid for submitting your press material

For your convenience if you place an order with us you will be requested to submit your digital file/s in the following format at all times for all types of press work:

  • Composite PDF file; compatibility: Acrobat 4/PDF 1.3 (This way it is avoidable that elements using transparency are transmitted directly to the file without merging the layers, which after printing will look different to the image we see on the monitor.)
  • If possible write the PDF from PS, please avoid exporting.
  • If you have a publication with multiple pages, please save the pages in a consecutive sequence and NOT by paired pages and NOT by punching. Please supply a turner with the file.
  • Font type: inlaid or transformed into a curve.
  • Pictures: 300 dpi, in CMYK colour mode
  • Please do not inlay colour profiles!
  • In the case of four-colour printing please break down any possible direct colours to CMYK.
  • For UV coating and/or for punching moulds these layers need to be set as direct colours (as a separate colour extract). If the punching mould is received as a separate file, the cutting signals need to be in the identical position as the cutting signals of the graphics.
  • Please indicate cutting sign, passer signs and if necessary folding, creasing, perforation signs.
  • If the picture, chart, sub-print, patch stretches to the edge of the page, please adjust a 3 or 5 mm bleed; the indention mirror shall be min. 3 mm from the cut.
  • We can only offer you a colour guarantee based on the digital proof made by us using brought in material.