About us

Company history

We have founded Vareg Hungary Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft. (in English: Vareg Hungary Trade and Service Provider Ltd.) in 2005 in order to offer unique press services in the Hungarian and Central-Eastern European market. Due to our significantly increased clientele, our company has gone through dynamic improvement and as a result by now we have become one of the defining press industry service providers and digital press houses of the Buda region.

The goal of our company is to offer a comprehensive solution to our clients at a competitive rate, within short deadlines make it the production of any press industry products, through design and manufacturing to delivery and warehousing of final products. Our organisation, equipment pool and scope of sub-contractors were set up in a way that they all comply with this goal.

Our customers include small- medium and large sized companies. For these companies it is vital that during the satisfaction of their printing press needs they are in contact with a partner, who is able to deliver to the full in the long term, both with respect to quality and deadlines, furthermore who is able to support the mutual work by continuous professional consultancy.

Our company offers a single-point service system to its clients. Our customers are in touch with a single contact person, they can contact this contact person with their enquiries, by this also helping and simplifying the daily business management. At our company free-of-charge professional consultancy services constitute part of the mutual work, upon request also in person.

Due to the setup of our company organisation our clients are part of a smooth, happy and helpful organisation and management!

The goal of our service basket is to ensure that all work phases of product manufacturing are done at the same location, make it creative design (Vareg Grafika - graphical studio), press office works (Vareg Produkció - production), product placement, delivery and warehousing (Vareg Logisztika - logistics). Our services are available to our clients as a package or as separate services. For your convenience we offer delivery within the territory of Budapest and delivery to the countryside at competitive rates. Our warehousing capacity enables the accomplishment of itemised deliveries and warehousing services at a charge.

For our clients we guarantee fully satisfactory services, accuracy and reliability with respect to the jobs delivered by our company!

"We believe that in business relations only a client-orientated approach and reliability can result in mutual success in the long term!"