Personalised printing is one of the most effective weapon used during the fight for customers; everyone prefers to browse through a publication or quote where people can see their own names printed on. Personalised press services will ensure you a much more effective communication with your clients and you will be able increase your sales. Let it be a few personalised certificates, invitation cards, DM letters, bar code or serial number printing, our sophisticated equipment pool and staff is always at your disposal in accomplishing your vision!

Most common personalised products:

  • DM letters
  • postcards
  • certificates
  • invitation cards, entrance tickets
  • season tickets, point collection cards
  • scratch cards
  • serial numbered / bar coded products

Production takes place by using three black and white (one Konica Minolta bizhub PRO 1051 and two bizhub PRESS 1052), furthermore two colour (Konica Minolta bizhub PRO C6500 and bizhub PRESS C1085) digital printers. Our equipment pool enables us to retrospectively personalise any pre-printed prints using offset technology.

The print can be made on self-adhesives (paper or vinyl), straight or form scored (e.g.: product identification stickers, with individual bar code or identification number).

Advantages of personalisation:

  • increased response from clients
  • increased response from clients
  • turnover increase
  • customer relationship intensification