Print on demand (POD) service

Print on demand (POD) service

The acronym POD refers to print on demand. The service means that products are produced always in compliance with the actual demand and number of copies, even in the case of daily-based orders. Due this service the production of regularly published publications with frequently changing content, issued in low number of copies also becomes profitable, even in the case of orders for only a few items per day. The manufacturing process takes place by using our digital equipment pool at our business unit.

The POD system is an ideal solution in the manufacturing industry: the printing of manuals and guarantee letters of various products flexibly follows daily production, thus companies can refrain from stocking up on thousands and thousands of – often unnecessary – prints.

Another typical example: schoolbooks, workbooks, educational study materials or notes for various courses or trainings. The production of these products can also be done for the class, year starting in the given year.

The system offers help to polling- and market research companies in the manufacturing of questionnaires which are different for every single survey.

Typical POD products:

  • manuals
  • year books
  • questionnaires
  • annual reports
  • schoolbooks, notepads
  • program brochures
  • marketing publications


Advantages of the service:

  • cost-effective production of regularly published low-copy products
  • not necessary to pile up large stocks in the beginning of the year
  • flexible printing in accordance with the actual demand


Products are available:

  • in stitched,
  • glue-bound,
  • spiralled version.