In 2005, we decided to make our dreams come true – to create a full scale printing business that is a truly professional, precise and trustworthy partner for domestic small, medium and large enterprises. The last 15 years are proof that we have achieved this goal.

Full scale printing services

We are working with our expert team and partners every day to take care of the design (Vareg graphics), printing production (Vareg production), warehousing and delivery (Vareg logistics) tasks of our customers.

Economical execution, custom quotes

There are no identical orders. We take a good look at each request and decide carefully which the most profitable yet economical solution is. This is the foundation of our long-term, reliable partnerships.

Our unique single server system

Our customers have one contact person from our team, and they only need to communicate with them. Whether you are asking for expert advice, unique quote, long-term intermittent orders, delivery, personalised or print on demand (POD) solutions, just contact the person appointed and you will soon receive an answer. Our customers appreciate this approach, because they always know who to turn to.

Our integrated quality and environmental management system

From the outset, it is of paramount importance to provide our customers with the best solutions, while also taking care of our environment. Accordingly, in 2010, we obtained ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certificates which have been guiding our daily activities ever since. In addition to developing our own operations, products and services, we abide by these principles when selecting our suppliers and determining how we can protect the environment.

Today, the name Vareg is synonymous with professional printing products and full-scale, complex printing, graphics and logistics services. That is our secret.