Project’s Title: Vareg Hungary Kft. purchasing a digital printing machine

Contracted Amount of Support: HUF 25,500,000

Extent of Support: 70,00 %

Project Content:

Vareg Hungary Kft. was founded in 2005 with the aim of providing unique printing services both in the Hungarian market and in the Central and Eastern European region. Thanks to our increased customer base, our company has undergone a dynamic development. As a result, it has become one of the leading service providers in the Buda region, as well as the digital printing house of the area.

Our company aims to provide our customers with a complete solution at a competitive price, in a short period of time, be it the production of any printed matter from design to execution to the delivery and storage of the finished product. We have developed our organization, machinery and circle of subcontractors for this purpose.

Our services include graphic design, printing consulting and execution, storage and delivery.

Our products: business cards, stationery, envelopes, flyers, leaflets, NCR papers, notepads, brochures, user manuals, books, magazines, folders, ring binders, paper and vinyl-based stickers, posters, billboards, backlit banners, boxes, cardboards, displays, standees, standing signs, paper bags, packets.

Some of our main customers are: Groupama Biztosító Zrt., TAMA Solutions Kft., UNIX Autó Kft., Printmanager Kft., Patrocinium Kft., NiT Hungary, LifeTime Media Kft., Millenium Csoport Kft., Molino Reklámügynökség Kft., Pixel Klinika Kft.

The coronavirus pandemic has had an extraordinary impact on our business, both in regards to procurement and ordering. There were times when a complete shutdown was necessary, as our customers’ printing orders and marketing expenses were reduced to zero. Our previous digital machine represented an outdated technology and was not adequate with regards to capacity neither, so in certain customer segments, we were unable to provide a competitive price and, in particular, a competitive delivery time. The new machine is able to produce in the most up-to-date way and best quality, which strengthens our market position, thus attracts new customers. In this way, we can compensate for the decline due to the pandemic by gaining new customers, as well as by improving efficiency and reducing scrapping rates and costs.

The machine purchased is a Konica Minolta AccurioPress C12000 digital press configuration. We have considered the possibility of purchasing other but similar machines. In addition to the Konica machine, the following are also available: Ricoh Pro C7200s, HP Indigo 5500, Xerox Versant 3100 Press.

We have a long-term partnership with Konica, they help us operate our other machines as well.

The implementation had neither technical nor professional obstacles, the location was secured.

Projekt befejezési dátuma: 31/10/2021 
Projekt azonosító száma: VEKOP-1.2.6-20-2020-00514Project’s Title